Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happiness, happiness where have you been?

It’s been a depressing day for me, no it’s not love failure nor have I lost any near or dear one. I just drove back home and that long journey made me ponder a lot ,as a result left me with plethora of questions unanswered. What have I been doing all these days in my life? What have I achieved in life? How useful have i been to mankind? Am I leading a fruitful and a happy life? Well, apparently none of the questions had an answer. Later as I drove further back home, I tried asking myself as to what does happiness mean to me? To my own sudden disbelief, from the back of my mind came an answer “Happiness is what you define it to be, you fool”, oh yes! I said to myself turning my smirk into a beautiful little smile "and there you go" I said to myself. I was wondering where did I get this sudden euphoria from? Am I a special one? And again this hidden soul in me rose and a whisper came from deep within “Nah! You jerk, you are still a mortal”. Now my smile turned into laughter. Then with full sense I told myself, being happy is a conscious choice. You can define happiness and choose to be happy wherever and whenever you want.


                            Now as I write I get this sense of pride that my body is full of wisdom. Happiness is a conscious choice indeed. You can be happy for whatever you want and whenever you want. Like for me playing soccer or reading about sourav ganguly or Ryan Giggs drives me crazy and gives me goose bumps. I feel really excited, as a result I am happy. Likewise you can also be happy, the reason could be trivial and silly like eating chocolates or ice creams or flirting with a girl. Anything could lighten your day. Do not be afraid to do what you feel and do what you feel like doing , no matter how insane or infantile it is as long as it is not offensive. Never care what others say, it’s your life and it’s your prerogative to run it the way you want it to.A lot of people have this misconception that with more money comes more happiness. But according to me that’s utter crap. Ambanis, Tatas , Rajinikanths or the Bachchans can have more money than  you or me, but it does not guarantee that they are much happier than us. Happiness cannot be bought, it is free and priceless. One must also know that not many people with wealth are greatly blessed with an equal amount health. So if you are healthy, consider yourself lucky and do not crib or brood over the past or worry about the future, today is yours live like never before. Share your joys and sorrows. Be generous and simple, happiness will come searching for you. Do not let others define your happiness, be your own master. Take chances, make mistakes, enjoy every bit of life, forget the misdeeds and cherish the goodness.
                                          As they say “Smile until it hurts, laugh until you cry, love like you never have been broken, Sing like no one's listening, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth, pray with faith, live in the moment, remember the good times, let go of the bad”. Do not waste your time trying to search happiness elsewhere, it is within you; just realize it and life will always be fruit full. Every life has a meaning and so does ours, be happy for what you are and who you are.



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