Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don’t turn a deaf ear!!!

Democracy, constitution, freedom of speech and expression are just merely restricted to civics and economics text books these days. A nation which brags itself to be an epitome of democracy has put its citizens to shame.Yes, indeed I am talking about our beloved India which hypocritically calls itself the largest existing democracy in the world with lot of freedom. A Nation which has seen the likes of Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar, the sons of this land who worked day in and day out for the very freedom that we breathe would have choked themselves to death had they been existent now. A country run by dynasty and vendetta politics has put itself in the “wall of shame”. Glory days are long gone.

                     Wondering what went wrong with our nation and its people over the years?? Are we resilient by choice or by force?? The kind of political system that is running the country is going to shatter the dreams of developed India. A nation which boasts of Ambanis , Tatas ,Birlas also have the poorest people on earth.Such is the diversity of the land we live in. As they say rich get richer and the poor get poorer and with the kind political gimmick that is existing in our country, forget the dream of seeing ourselves developed. Let alone the right to live but where has the freedom gone?? The only freedom that we had was the freedom of speech and expression, but off late even that seems to have been curtailed or rather restricted and well moderated . Why do I say curtailed and moderated at same time?? Wondering?? Well, it depends on who you are in society. If you are a politician or a cricketer or rich bureaucrat, no matter what you talk, you always sound intelligent and reasonable. For eg: if you are head of some hypocritical religious party and you call your denizens as national heroes and rest of the country as bunch of goons, you don’t sound offensive nor do you hurt the sentiments of people across the nation where as if I was a common man with rational brains and if I was to post a message on a religious leader death being mourned and equated to a Martyr's death there by causing hindrance to daily life, I would be convicted and put behind the bars. Why?? The reason is simple; you have money, power and influence you can get away with anything and say whatever you want ,where as I, a common man has nothing but truth as wealth will have to run for my life solely because i am not a big fish. Now if such kind of ridiculous system is allowed to bud, how will this nation progress???
                           If a country calls itself a Nation moving forward and if the government calls itself as being Just and rational, it would allow it’s citizens the freedom to express and would take their aspersions as positivly to improve itself and there by bettering it’s chances of cementing the trust of it’s people. Now, if country does not bother about its citizens, where is the question of freedom of speech and expression? We are a democratic country not an autocratic(Hilter type) nation. We should listen to the voices of the people and should respect their thoughts and not brand them as being trivial or offensive. We should proudly tell all those demagogues who believe in factional politics loud that “WE HEAR COS WE CARE” 

Let us be a nation that’s listens to the hues and cries of its people and not be a nation that turns a deaf ear. Remember that synonym of democracy is always for the people, by the people and of the people and you ought to listen to us(citizens).It's our nation and we care for it.


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