Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life beyond money

Life beyond money

“Money can’t buy you happiness but it can certainly buy you luxury” , “no money, no honey” these are some of the famous quotes that we hear quite often than not in today’s world.People are so obsessed with money.Everybody wants luxury.They would do anything for money, even if it was morally reprehensible.Do we ever realize what we actually compromise for money? How many people follow their heart in today’s world? By following your heart what I meant was, how many people do things which once up on a time was termed as “passion”? The answer is quite alarming “none”.

Who is to be blamed here? Yourself, parents,education,society or the country? Well ,as far as my experience is concerned everybody deserves equal blaming.

Why do I say blame yourself? Well, the answer is quite simple.We are cowards, We are scared of failure, we care too much for others and we want money. Why are we sacrificing happiness which we get by following our passion for money? Well again its become a cliched answer we are put in such an awkward predicament where luxury becomes a paramount factor.Today in India every Tom,Dick and Harry is either an engineer or a doctor. But how many of us are quality engineers and doctors?? Think! During yester-years only a handful of them became doctors and engineers and they were quality.Reason- they were passionate about it.But we do it for the sake of doing it.Where is the question of happiness here??

Next, parents.Argh! They are one of the most influential factors who decide what we want to become. They are the ones who force their whims and fancies on us making it as though it were our’s.They have only two options for us- “son you have the choice of becoming an engineer or a doctor,Choice is your’s” oh! How generous? As though we asked for one. Again money is the sinister that is driving their frail mind.They ask us whether we are luxurious or not.But have they ever bothered asking us as to whether we were happy with what we were doing or not?? No.

Society is again a major factor which enjoys dashing all our hopes and aspirations. They influence our parents who in turn end up screwing our life.People in the society can never keep their lives to themselves.They always want to be a part of others too. Their sons and daughters being an engineer or a doctor puts them in a position where they can put their collars up, but the most astonishing fact is they don’t realize how dirty their collar is.Why can’t society just mind its own business?

A citizen is good as his country. Although India can brag to be a nation that has maximum number of engineers and doctors, how are they contributing to the nation? Engineers and doctors are supposed to be the ones who are supposed to do service to the nation. They are noble professions.But, how many of us consider it like that? Aren’t we taking a lot of money than we are supposed to? Again money plays an influential role.We want to take back the money that we spent for our education.This is not ethical but we are left with no option either.Money again ruins our life.

When we do things that are close to our heart, nothing can influence us because we know our passion stands higher than a piece of paper called “money”.People, please don’t let money be your ultimate goal and don’t let it run your life.When you crave for money we forget that we are compromising our happiness and also the happiness of others. If everybody went for money we wouldn’t have had a Newton,Einsten or a Gandhi. They did something out of the textbook and hence became a successful being. When you go for passion you might not have support,you might not have money,you might not have respect but you can be assured for happiness and sense of satisfaction. You will realize the purpose of your existence. Last but not the least, people don’t let a piece of paper value your life , for your life is more valuable than a bunch of well cut papers in the name of money.