Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is media Getting judgmental?

India is a land where freedom of speech and expression forms our birth right. Having said that, ever since freedom way back in 1947, a little skepticism keeps arising in our minds as to whether we are using it for the right cause or perhaps over using it for trivial issues. The word “MEDIA” has now become a powerful tool. Although media( esp. TV news channels) is required for constructive growth of an economy, there are times when it has been destructive as well.

Media was formed essentially to bring out the truth to the people. It was supposed to be truthful,non-bias,non-corrupt mass means of communication. But today it has become a business. Owing to the competition in the market, media these days only believe in bringing fast news instead of bringing out the correct/real news. Some even fabricate their own stories. To add to the woes some news channels have links with political parties and are often used as a tool for campaigning during elections. What’s worse is that today media has become so powerful that it can make you a king on a given day and pauper on the other. For instance, take India against corruption movement, initially Mr. Anna Hazare was projected as modern Gandhi but now he is accused of being a Nazi. Media has the pwer to turn fake in to real and vice versa. Media ethics is long gone.

Despite all the positives that media has done e.g.: justice for Jessica Lal,Arushi Talwar,Priyadharshini Matoo,Keenen and Reuben, it also harmed country many a times has over done its duties. For e.g.: the live coverage of terrorist attack in Taj (Mumbai) was the most ridiculous and obnoxious thing which media could have ever done. It was acting as an aid or an eye to the terrorists who were able to see what was happening and were able to take corrective measures to have a stronger hold of the captives.

Our news channels have always projected negative news more than the positive in order to grab our attention. They have never highlighted anything that’s positive. To make matters even worse, today media has become judgmental. They have taken it for granted the right to convict and acquit a person accused of a particular crime. They collect their own raw facts and declare a person guilty even before the court could give its verdict. They have utmost disregard for law. Then where is the question of effetcive judiciary in the nation??They have their own parliamentary sessions in the name of debate. They have no idea how bad it could affect the nation. They are even prejudicious to a larger extent.

Last but not the least, although there is no doubt that a country cannot function efficiently without effective media, it is also the duty of the media to stay within its limits and follow its ethics and act as a proper guide to the people of this nation instead of fabricating their own tales for political gains and mere TRP ratings.


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