Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It is not "The End" of the world

It's been quite some years since i last wrote a blog and again it was a personal choice to stay dormant, for I did not find it to be a tool that would cause a drastic change to an "aggressive" society. The reason why I term our society to be "aggressive" is because there is far too many delinquencies happening not for the reasons they generally happen but for reasons rising out of pure emotional malfunctioning. There is a new trend that is slowly spreading and is intoxicating our otherwise resilient and hush society.Hope you would have figured what has disturbed me so much that i start penning an article thinking it would extinguish the wrath within me.Yes,i am very much angered by a recent incident which not just shook me but the entire country as a whole, where a girl was murdered using a sickle in-front of daily office going public in early hours.This is not the only case that raised my tempo but this definitely forced me to take my pen and vent my anger through words for sure.What infuriates me is not the lack of security, not the lack of cameras but the lack of humanity.Not one soul dared to stop the tiff between two naive souls.A loss of life,a lot of  drama and all the finger pointing could have been averted.Has the country become so unsafe that a goon could just walk out anywhere at any time and could just brandish a weapon and kill them and just walkaway unscathed.Shame on us !
why are such incidents becoming so mundane and who are the one's contributing to such abhorrent mishaps ? Why are we not having an emotional control on ourselves and why do people take such drastic decisions ?
Firstly,a lot of youngsters these days have exposure to a lot of stuffs than what their predecessors had at their same age,the media is only keen on showing negativity in the society which has an early effect on a child's thought process.
Secondly,we are more focused on technical education than personal education.We always think people mature on their own as they grow up and fail to counsel the children at their young age.We are too shy to bring up such topics in open that too in front of our own kith and kin.Really can't understand why teachers and professors fail to teach their pupil things apart from syllabus.There are certain matters that are to be taught for free and it is just a moral responsibility of any Guru i feel.Guru Sishya parampara of olden days needs to be envisioned here.
Thirdly,the day when moral education becomes a subject of credit and institution educate their students on how to comport themselves in various failures in life, only then, would we become citizens with good demeanor.
Fourthly,as parents, it is their duty to shower wisdom in their children and should set an example by leading a life in utmost dignity and honor.Do not ask your children not to fail, instead teach them how to handle failure and to bounce back from it.
Fifthly, print media and social media should develop an ethic such that the society gets to see what is required and not everything and anything duly considering the age of all its viewers and the impact it has on the fragile society.

Last coming to subject of discussion as to how to handle failure in a relation.Not everyone is successful in a relation and we must understand that it is alright to be rejected by someone
even if you end up liking them.It is a matter of personal choice and people have all the right in the world to reject/accept a proposal.One should not be affronted by such incidents and should
not take it personal.Love and friendship are just part of life and not life itself.There are things one needs to focus on in life such as making one's life fruitful by achieving things in life for which one is born for.Try to decipher the reason for your birth and what your responsibilities are instead of putting yourself in predicaments which you do not have control on.Now a question arises, what should people who were in a good relation do when one of the partner cheats or ditches for reasons that are beyond comprehension.Isn't it our right to punish/humiliate such people for having spent so much for the relation? The question i would pose here to such people would be "What do we gain by resorting to violence?" We end up ruining our life and life of others around us.Well,understand and convince yourself that everything in life happens for a reason and for your good.If the reason of failure is genuine, work on correcting it and prove your worth.Do or achieve things in life that would make people regret for having rejected you.Do not resort to vengeance and vendetta as you are not gaining anything out of it.By working hard and going heights in life, you are not only doing things that would shape your life for better but also proving your critics what you are capable of.Every successful person has failed in something or the other in life and failure is the driving force for success and hence, one has to take it in a positive spirit.Understand that life is never constant and change is the only thing that is constant.The only way people get this maturity is when we pass our wisdom and share our experiences with them.

So I request all those readers of this blog, young and old to talk to people who are close to you and share your feelings,be it good or bad, by this way we will end up being emotionally stable.I have
personally experienced failures in relation and in life in general and it is because of some well wishers and benevolent souls that i have been able to come out of it strongly instead brooding over it.
If I can do it so can you or anyone for that matter.It is a question of belief.It is not wrong being  depressed but make efforts to come out of it without taking aggressive or evasive actions.Do not
try forgetting things as it is impractical and will put you under extreme discomfort.All you could do is to give it less space to occupy in your memory. Acceptance is the best method to overcome it.Help yourself by helping each other.Stay positive and believe that there is a beautiful life ahead.Live and let live because an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

                                                       God bless ya all !!!