Saturday, May 19, 2012

If I were a LAW maker- A wild dream

There is a general belief that the biggest old age home in the world is the Indian parliament, such ridiculous is our political system. We cannot blame our politicians, for the law itself is flawed with loop holes and cracks. There is a lot of flexibility in our political system which is taken to advantage by LAW breakers. So If I were the LAW maker of this great country, there are quite a few amendments that I would like to make.
                         First things first, politicians are the face of our nation, so if politicians are corrupt,  then there is no apprehension that the  entire nation would be flooded with corruption. The root for all this is the quality of politicians who sit at the top. I agree that every citizen be given equality in all walks of life but there must be restrictions when it comes to leading a nation. So the people who are contesting the election must fulfil some criteria to nominate themselves. Every bloke nominating himself must have a basic degree in education and must have specialised in political science. This would eliminate illiterates from holding the office at the top. Secondly, there must be a separate body which consists of honest people who monitor the politicians who are being  corrupt. If found guilty they have the right to file a suit in Supreme court against the same. SC has the right to penalise any politician even if it were the PM of this country. So ultimate power lies in the hands of the SC. Next, there must be age limit for politicians. The age to run the office must have a lower limit of 28 years and upper limit of 70 (max).
                    Next, the education system needs to be revamped. We produce quantity but not quality professionals. This is because of the disparity in education systems across various states of the nation. So we have to centralize the education system. If this is done, students will have to compete in national level, and the competition would be even, and quality people will make it to the top colleges across the nation. Also, all the quotas for so called under privileged classes should be removed and all students must be given equal treatment. This would eliminate many quacks and inefficient professionals.
              India despite being a huge nation lacks proper infrastructure be it roads or buildings, this despite collecting taxes from every earning common man .Most of the money goes in to the pockets of our so called leaders. To avoid such mishaps in future, there must  be a web site which informs every citizen of the country the amount of tax collected for that financial year and amount of money spent on infrastructure development. This would enable common man to track his tax and ensure that it has been put to proper use. Since everything is open to public ,the chances of mishandling of government funds and taxes can be eliminated.
            Next, justice delayed is justice denied. Although judiciary is the only thing in this country that seems to be less corrupt, the amount of time taken to convict or acquit an accused is simply too much. So there must  be  speedy yet fair justice available to the people of this country.
            Last but not least, all the important departments ranging from RTO, police, EB, water, etc. should have accountability and responsibility. They should clear all the grievances within 24 hours of them receiving the same and should inform if more time is required. Nothing should be taken for granted and status of every problem must be informed to the concerned. They should have respect when are dealing with people and should always remember that they are servants of the government and its people. People have the right to question and they are obliged to respond to the same with utmost gratitude.      
    If all these stated above are followed consciously, not only the people will have faith in its government and judiciary but the country in general will touch new heights. If every citizen of this country realizes his duty and follows them judiciously, then question of ineffective governance would never rise. Always remember a country is good as its denizens and hence disciplined people means disciplined nation.

                                                                     JAI HIND!     

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