Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chauvinism at its best

The whole idea behind this article is to make people realize what women empowerment and treating women equally ,really and truly means. There is a hell a lot of difference between suggesting a corrective measure and implementing it. As they say “Actions speak louder than words”, it is true when it comes to our male chauvinistic society.Infact the word ”chauvinism” has now started being associated with men.Such is the disparity in society we live. We say women are our eyes (“pengal num kangal “ in Tamil).But it’s just a mere phrase, when it comes to real picture we just turn blind. Nobody actually understands the real essence of it. There is no doubt that men are stronger than women in terms physical strength, but does that mean that we treat them differently? Just by asserting force :)
on them doesn’t make us a superior class of human being or them an inferior one. They could be no match to us in terms of brawniness , but when it comes to moral strength they are on par with us. This I support despite me being a man myself (rational though).
To be honest, I sometimes feel that I am lucky to have been born as a man rather than a woman. I really can’t imagine myself to be looked up on as a mere sex tool. Most of you reading this article might argue about this, but deep inside your heart if you can realize how we have treated our female counterparts over the years you would agree with me. A mistake is a mistake, be it small or big. There is disparity not just in terms caste,colour,creed but also in terms of sex as well. When do u think the term “reservation” springs? It happens only when there is a disparity in society. We have women fighting for 33%(approx.) reservation in parliament. This proves it all. If we think that we treat our women folks equally we wouldn’t be giving them 33% reservation but we would have given them 50% , not reservation but equality and also not just in parliament but in every walks of life.
To add to the statistics why do we have 50% seats reserved for women in public transport? By doing this we are indirectly telling them “you are a weaker sex”.Women not understanding the real idea behind it think it to be a blessing and enjoy the special right given to them. Why do we not have women walking down the street late night. The reason being simple-they feel it’s insecure to be hanging out late night for they could be a victim of harassment both mental and physical. Is this what equal treatment means? Don’t they have right to live securely?
In today’s world women earn on par with men but why is it that they have to do the houslehold work apart from the office work?(there are few exceptions) and men get to relish the beauty of existence and freak out as and when they wish. Shouldn’t we be sharing our burdens equally?shoudn’t they have equal entertainment as we do? Women are also to be equally censured here for they have learnt to live like slaves.
Lastly, Although there are women leaders in our society who are proving to be exceptions, the numbers are just too low to justify that we have a just society. People time to think and revamp our thoughts as to how we move forward not just in terms of development but in terms of existence as well.